Indivo X 2.0.0 Release Notes

The Indivo X 2.0.0 release represents a major step forward in interoperability by providing a deep integration of the SMART data models and API. SMART apps will now be able to run unaltered on Indivo, or enhanced to take advantage of Indivo’s full API. Also included in this release is a new system for easily extending Indivo with custom data models, and the ability to retrieve them in multiple formats (XML, JSON, RDF/XML).

Change Log

Indivo Server

  • Now supports the SMART API
  • New methods for easily defining new data models and attaching custom serializers and validators
    • Django Model Classes
      • For those with python/Django experience
    • Simple Data Modeling Language (SDML)
      • JSON-based modeling language for defining simple data models
  • Reports over all data models, supporting the API Query Interface, and with XML and JSON serialization options
  • New SMART-style JSON app manifests
  • Sample data profiles for demo and testing purposes

Indivo UI Server

  • Now supports SMART apps
  • New Labs app

Python Client

  • New client using the python-oauth2 library
  • Full access to all response information

Some Things You Should Know

  • With our adoption of the SMART data models and API, we have removed overlapping Indivo models. This means that there is NO MIGRATION PATH from the 1.x.x to the 2.x.x version of Indivo.