Welcome to Indivo X’s technical documentation!


If you are interested in working with Indivo, you probably fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • General Interest: You’ve heard about this ‘Indivo X’ project, and want to learn more about what it can do. You might want to check out our non-technical site before diving into this more technical overview.
  • App Developers: You want to build applications that enable patients to engage in their care, using Indivo’s RESTful API to store and fetch medical data. You are interested in the API, including functionality and authentication.
  • Indivo Administrators: You want to set up and host your own instance of Indivo, so that you or others can build applications on top of it. You are interested in pulling data into Indivo, setting up users, and managing your instance.
  • Indivo Hackers: You are a big fan of Indivo, but realize (as do we) that there are plenty of additions that could make Indivo X even better! You want to dive into Indivo’s core codebase and fix bugs or add features, and contribute back to our open-source community.

Based on your level of interest, check out the documentation below.